Vision Statement
The San Francisco Artist/s Foundation, SFASF,  is a 501 (c) (3) private foundation dedicated to supporting Artists by awarding one year stipends and by providing other forms of financial assistance which helps to mitigate the high costs of living and working in the Bay Area.  SFASF, through a juried selection process, will select artists for the Award.  The Award will be made to SF Bay Area artists who want to remain in the Bay Area and to Emerging and Established artists who are amenable to relocating their art practice to the Bay Area for an agreed period of time.  SFASF’s long term objective is to enhance the vibrant, collaborative and energized San Francisco fine arts community by financially supporting artists who will stimulate innovation, creative disruption, and engage in artistic risk taking as working artists in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
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Moneyball for the Art World

“Don’t start a gallery. It’s tough.” This is written in big letters on the back of my book Management of Art Galleries. The struggles of galleries and artists have been much in discussion over the past years. In a long article two years ago, ARTnews reported on numerous gallery closures in New York and how the gap between mega galleries and the rest widened.

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