Alexandra Goodenough

SFASF Award Artist
Portfolio Showcase

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Untitled Video Project


Alexandra Goodenough is a San Francisco based artist working mainly with video and object installation. She frequently utilizes commonplace objects such as toothbrushes, toilets, and other miscellaneous and domestic items to create unconventional scenarios. For her undergraduate thesis exhibition at Mills College in 2018, she produced an installation surrounding a series of absurd ceramic toothbrushes. Her fascination with domestic spaces and objects is a result of much of her childhood spent interested in interior design, industrial design, and residential architecture. She eventually began to wonder why day-to-day objects and environments are constantly overlooked despite the immense intention placed on them by their designers.

Artist Statement

The creation of routines and habits, often surrounding certain objects, is intended to bring control and order to the life of an individual. In my work, I focus on the minute details of these structures, often overemphasizing commonplace objects or actions by creating absurd videos, ceramics, and other items. By upsetting the conventional form or use of a household object, I examine how the visual recognition of an object’s features may inform a specific bodily movement. The intention of my work is to place more mindful thought and value on the practices of everyday life, especially those tasks that are habitual, meditative, or rooted in traditional crafts (i.e. brushmaking, baking, printmaking, etc.).

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