Isabella Manfredi

SFASF Award Artist
Portfolio Showcase

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Isabella Manfredi, based in San Francisco, creates installations and prints about nostalgia and memory. She works with sites linked to her personal and familial history. In her current prints she creates psychedelic landscapes by exaggerating color schemes to question her tendency to over romanticize memories of certain places. Isabella received a BA in Art Practice with a minor in Journalism from University of California, Berkeley.

Artist Statement

Isabella Manfredi (she/her) is a multi-media artist who often chooses her art based on the specific material she wants to work with.  For her, art is a way of looking at the past, a way of looking at where she and her family, environment and history intersect and then transforming that with her work.

History is imbedded in all the work Manfredi does; her grandmothers are present when she sews something by hand, her hometown is present in her screen prints, her own emotions present in her installation pieces.  She is inspired by these very things, thinking about her family and her life as she creates art and seeking inspiration to critique the societal systems that built the very world she grew up in.

On her installation, Dog Pack, Manfredi says: “I was really lonely and just wanted a companion. So, I made a whole pack for myself by painting on wood, cutting them out, and putting them on stands. I thought a lot about the domestication of wolves and how they didn’t need to travel in packs anymore because they stuck with humans. That work let many people relate to individual dogs and create narratives for themselves.”

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